Best Treadmill Mats for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

If you have been hearing that thumping sound while exercising, this is not your heart rate but it is the sound of your feet as they stomp on the treadmill. While treadmills are very important to our workout regimen, they can also be noisy and can leave some ugly marks on your laminate floor or carpet. If you do not want to be a nuisance to your neighbors while working out, you will need to use the right treadmill mat for carpet and hardwood floors as they absorb shock and vibration.

The treadmill mat is a great choice for mitigating the pressure and stopping the problem of permanent indentation on your floor. The mat will also minimize the noise made by the gym equipment. However, it is worth noting that not all mats are made equal. To help you make the right choice of a good treadmill mat, here is a detailed guide.

Best 6 Treadmill Mats Compared

Treadmills Material  Size Density Price
SuperMats treadmill mat Rubber 3′ x 8.5′ 1/4″ CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
Rubber-Cal Treadmill Mat Rubber 4′ x 6.5′
4′ x 7.5′
AmazonBasics high-density treadmill mat PVC 3′ x 8.5′
4′ x 6′
2.5′ x 6′
Body-solid super mat PVC 3′ x 6.5′ 0.13″ CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
Gympak treadmill mat PVC 3′ x 6.5′ 1/4″ CHECK THE PRICE ON AMAZON
BalanceFrom Puzzle Mat EVA Foam 2′ x 2′
4′ x 4′

SuperMats Treadmill Mat Review

SuperMats Treadmill Mat Review

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If you are looking for a treadmill mat that reduces noise, you should consider the SuperMats treadmill mat. It is made of a tough and durable vinyl composite material that is able to protect your carpet and floor from the heavy effect of riding on your treadmill. It is also lightweight and weighs a paltry 25 lbs.

This mat has the ability to cushion your equipment from a lot of wear and tear as it protects the carpet and floor from getting into the mechanical and belt parts. This is on top of dampening the vibration. The treadmill shock absorber measures 3’ X 8.5′, a size that makes the mat a good choice for large treadmills, ellipticals and recumbent bikes.

Things we like
  • Does not stain the carpet
  • Made of a heavy duty material
  • Doesn’t move while working out
  • No slipping
Things we don’t like
  • It emits a slight rubber smell


Rubber-Cal Large Treadmill Mat 

Rubber-Cal Large Treadmill Mat 

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The Rubber-Cal Treadmill Mat is a soundproofing mat that has been designed to withstand heavy duty treadmills and protect your carpet and floor. It will reduce the vibration caused by your cardio equipment.

This thick treadmill mat is available in 2 different sizes: 4 ft. by 7.5 ft and 4 ft by 6.5 ft and can cover the footprint of most home and commercial treadmills.

The sound absorber floor mat is made of recycled rubber and therefore is an eco-friendly product. This is on top of the fact that the rubber maintains the same durability as the tires and this means it can last for a long period of time. It’s designed to prevent damage to the machine and create a functional barrier between the floor and the machine.

Things we like
  • Made of extremely durable material
  • Easy to clean
  • Controls vibration perfectly
  • Perfect thickness
  • Offers anti-slip and impact protection
Things we don’t like
  • It has a rubber smell that will last for a few days


AmazonBasics High-density Treadmill Mat 

AmazonBasics High-density Treadmill Mat 

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As the name suggests, this mat is an exclusive product, designed and manufactured by the Amazon company.

It offers padding that is the perfect choice for your treadmill. The extra cushioning will provide added comfort to your workout. The rectangular shape brings rugged strength and it comes with a beautiful black color that integrates well with your workout space.

The exercise equipment mat comes with 3 different sizes as mentioned in the comparison table above. This absorbing mat is a good choice for protecting your floor and carpet without worrying about the possibility of damaging the floor and can help to prevent dust from getting into the mechanical parts of your treadmill.

Things we like
  • It comes with a one year warranty from Amazon
  • Effective in protecting the carpets and floors
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to rollup
Things we don’t like
  • None


Body-solid Super Mat Review

Body-solid Super Mat Review(See more photos)

The Body-solid super mat is a good choice for both home and professional gyms. It measures 78 X 36 X .013 inches and weighs a paltry 8 pounds. This makes it a great choice for big treadmills and other cardio equipment. It can also be used as a mat for aerobics. It can help to prevent vibration that often results in wear and tear of your treadmill.

With this pro impact treadmill mat, it is possible to protect your floor from dents and scratches. The fact that it protects your equipment from dust means it will help to prolong your workout machines. The mat muffles noise and this means you will not disturb your family and neighbors while exercising.

Things we like
  • Made of super tough and durable PVC Material
  • The mat comes with a warranty of one year
  • Good size for big machines
  • Effective in protecting your floor
Things we don’t like
  • Produces an odor when new
  • Thinner than its competitors


Gympak PVC Heavy Duty Treadmill Mat 

Gympak PVC Heavy Duty Treadmill Mat 

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The Gympak is a treadmill mat designed for concrete floor that will help to protect the surface of the floor from the wear and tear that results from regular use of the machine. It is made of a high-density PVC material that will hold up well under the equipment and will keep your floor clear. The machine will minimize any vibration resulting from the machine.

The size of this noise dampening mat is also considerably large and is, therefore, a good fit for most treadmills. However, we would recommend that you measure the base of your treadmill before purchasing to ensure that it fits well. The plastic that makes it is not super hard but it is a nice and soft-ish rubber. While it is not completely indestructible, it can hold up well under any gym equipment.

Things we like
  • Heavy and thick
  • Good size for a treadmill
  • Textured and non-slip
Things we don’t like
  • It has a slight rubber smell


BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat Review

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A treadmill mat will help you to workout quietly. However, you will need a good rubber-cal treadmill mat that is made of strong and durable material. The BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat is a good choice as it has a great slip-resistant surface. This is on top of its strong resilience that helps you to keep your balance as you exercise.

The heavy-duty treadmill mat comes with different sizes and thickness. It is made with a moisture-resistance technology that makes it easy to wash the mat easily with water and soap. Its lightweight and interlocking features make it easy to assemble the mat.  The mat is available in different colors. It comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Things we like
  • They come in different sizes and colors
  • you can connect the pieces with ease
  • Great non-slip cushion and traction
  • Super easy to clean
  • Doesn’t take a lot of space
Things we don’t like
  • None


What to look for when buying a treadmill mat?

Many fitness experts will advise you to put a mat under your treadmill. However, you need to ensure that you pick the right one that will serve you well. Here are a few considerations to make when searching for a mat.


There are 3 things to consider when it comes to size: the length, the width and the thickness of the mat. Pick a mat that is big enough to fit below your treadmill.


The thickness of the mat will depend on your personal preference. If your flooring is hard, you will need a thicker mat that will provide enough cushioning. Some people prefer a thicker mat. Ensure that you pick one that is at least 1/5 inch so that it provides enough support. Avoid a too thick mat as it will not hold you in place.

Water resistance

You will be sweating as you workout and the sweat and liquid from your water bottle will drop on the surface. Therefore, you must choose a waterproof mat for your treadmill to protect your carpet.


Consider whether to choose rubber or PVC material for your large treadmill mat. Many people prefer PVC but there are also high-quality mats that are made of rubber and offer more protection and stability.

Benefits of using a mat under your treadmill 

If you are unsure whether to buy a treadmill mat, there are several benefits you need to consider such as:

Noise reduction

If your treadmill or exercise bike is noisy, one of the ways you can use to make it quiet is to get a mat. This will prevent shaking and vibration.

Absorb the shock

A good treadmill protective floor mat will provide impact and shock absorption and this will offer that extra cushioning that can prevent the impact on your joints. The cushioning can also protect your carpet from extreme indentation.

Protect the carpet and machine

A workout machine can cause damage, scratches and dents on the floor. A treadmill mat will provide the protection you need.

Plus, mats that come with gripped or textured surfaces ensure that the treadmill doesn’t slide while you are running on it.


It is clear that there are many benefits of using a sound absorbing floor mat. In fact, this is one of the must-have accessories for your home gym machine.

With so many brands out there, you may be finding it difficult to make the right choice. Use this detailed guide to choose the best treadmill mats for carpet and hardwood floors.