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Pull-ups are one of the best calisthenics workouts available. Doing pull-ups works your chest, back, abdominal region, biceps and forearms. There are many different ways to use a pull-up bar in order to target different muscle groups. Pull-up bars come in a range of different formats, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting a pull-up bar that will meet your specific needs and not let you down (literally, you don’t want to end up on the floor).

We did a deep dive into dozens of pull-up bars available on the market, combed through hundreds of comments and reviews from verified purchasers and narrowed the list down to 3 highly rated pull-up bars that have stood the test of time and exceeded expectations.

Before we jump into the top pull-up bars, we think it’s worth mentioning a couple pointers.

1. With any pull-up bar, its wise to use additional padding between the bar and your wall in order to prevent scrapes and indentations over time. Something as simple as a couple old dishrags folded in half can provide the extra cushion needed to protect your trim and walls.

2. If your home has thicker walls than normal (common in older homes with wood-lath and plaster), you’ll want to make sure the pull-up bar you select can accommodate the thicker walls.

Best Pull Up Bars

ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Heavy Duty Pull-Up Bar (Best Value)

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The ProsourceFit Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar had to make the cut because it is very economical (one of the most affordable pull-up bars available) yet receives extremely good ratings overall without thousands of reviews in total. The ProsourceFit Mutli_Grip features 12 different grips, allowing you to adjust your holds to target the desired muscle groups of your choosing. The manufacturer rates it to support up to 300 pounds, but our research revealed that it is probably best suited for people under 200 pounds, especially when using the inner most grips. The bar is made of durable steel construction and comes with a lifetime warranty. Overall, this pull-up bar is a fantastic value and meets the needs of most people.

Things we like
Steel Construction
Lifetime Warranty
Easy to Assemble
Mounts In Virtually Any Doorway
12 Grips Allows for a Versatile Workout
Things we don’t like
The grips are soft foam and can wear out over time
Some users over 200 LBS reported that the bar can bend when using the inner most grips



Iron Age Pull-Up Bar w/ Smart Hook Technology (Best for Tall People)

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The IronAge Pull-Up Bar is an extremely sturdy bar with a Patented “Smart Hook” system that is designed to more evenly distribute the weight of the user. This bar comes fully assembled and supports up to 440 LBS. It fits standard doorways from 27.56 inches to 36.22 inches and trim heights of up to 3.54 inches. Another great feature of this pull-up bar is a design feature that raises the bar 6 inches higher than the traditional designs, which is a huge benefit to tall people. The IronAge Pull-Up Bar has only 2 hand grips, however most of the bar is padded so you can put your hands almost anywhere if you want to change up your grip. This pull-up bar receives great reviews and is substantially more durable than the more inexpensive models.

Things we like
Comes Fully Assembled
Holds up to 440 LBS
Smart Hook Technology Holds Tightly In Place
Nearly Fully Padded Bar
Six Inches Higher Than Traditional Bars
Things we don’t like
Small LCD
Costs Nearly Twice As Much Compared to Cheaper Models (Still Very Affordable)



Sportsroyals Power Tower Pull-Up Bar and Dip Station (Best Overall)

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If you’re serious about calisthenics and you’ve got the extra space, the Power Tower Pull-Up Bar and Dip Station is exactly what you need. This heavy duty workout station is fully adjustable and allows for a range of workouts. With this workout station you can do pull-ups, tricep dips, push-ups, vertical leg raises, knee raises and plenty more.

The Power Tower supports up to 400 LBS and is made from 14-gauge steel with a scratch-resistant finish. It’s made to last, and brings the commercial gym experience into your home with anti-slip foot covers and other commercial grade features that you simply won’t find on your average at home pull-up bar or dip bar. If you want something that will truly stand the test of time and be a part of your home gym forever, the Power Tower will almost certainly meet your needs.

Things we like
Gym Quality
Free Standing, No Door Frame Measurements Necessary
Extremely Adjustable
Very Stable
Allows a Range of Exercises
Things we don’t like
Takes Up More Space Than a Door Frame Pull-Up Bar



What to Look for When Buying a Pull-Up Bar

When buying a pull-up bar for your home or office, here are some primary considerations:


If you want a pull-up bar that can be taken down and stored away, you’ll likely want to consider a door-frame pull-up bar. They go up and down easily and you can take them places easily.

Weight Capacity

The cheapest pull-up bars are not typically suitable for people over 200 LBS, even if they claim to be. If you’re over 200 LBS, you will want to make absolutely sure the pull-up bar you purchase will hold your weight, or you could end up seriously injured.

Grip Placement

Some pull-up bars offer a wider array of grip placements, allowing you to better customize your workout in order to target specific muscle groups.

Grip Comfort

If you’re going to be using the pull-up bar a lot, it’s important to make sure the hand grips are comfortable. Cheaper foam grips will break down over time and can also start to “spin” on the bar, making it difficult to grip.


If the trim around your door is too thin, it could be dangerous to use door-frame pull-up bars. If you need something incredibly stable and/or you have doors without trim, unusual shaped or sized door frames or abnormally thick walls – you might consider a free standing pull-up bar. There are many added benefits to a free standing bar, but they typically cost a bit more.

Final Thoughts

There are not a lot of workouts that can exercise your core and upper body simultaneously with the same level of effectiveness that you get from a pull-up bar. The great thing about doing pull-ups is that improvement is very easy to measure. As you improve, pull-ups will get easier and easier. Eventually you can start doing crunches at the same time. If you’re serious about getting in shape (or staying in shape) a pull-up bar is one of the most cost effective pieces of exercise equipment available. Anyone can own a bar for less than the price of a single nice meal out at a restaurant. It’s a no-brainer. Get one and use it. You won’t regret it.