While calisthenics exercises are good for building strength, it may cause several damages to your hands.
Some people may suffer from calluses to painful corns and blisters.

You may notice that while doing essential bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups or chin – ups, you just give up doing more reps because your hands HURT and give out before your muscles do.

To fix all these problems and STOP the pain, you should consider getting yourself a pair of gloves.

By getting these gloves, you can focus more on your workout instead for your hands and improve your form and strength.

In this article, I will list my top best calisthenics gloves so far that worked good for me and the essential features to consider when buying gloves.

Choosing the best calisthenics gloves


The workout gloves should be durable so they don’t get torn or ripped while doing extensive workouts.

For high quality gloves, choose a pair constructed with good material such as Leather and neoprene. They are very cushiony and thick.

Full finger vs fingerless gloves

As you know, gloves add the protection and support you need for your exercises. However, using full finger gloves can add more protection against bacteria and germs but less flexibility and mobility – they make it harder for your hands to breathe while doing intense workouts.

So make sure to get fingerless gloves, they will give your hands the ability to breath and keep them dry.

Comfort and wrist support

When buying a pair of gloves, you must look for the right size that fits your hands to prevent any uncomfortable experience when you are wearing them. The gloves should be comfortable but too tightly.

Many workout gloves come with wrist support; they are very useful for those who suffer from wrist pain while exercising.

The wrist straps must be adjustable so you can adjust them to your needs and get maximum support.

Best calisthenics gloves review in 2018

Bionic gloves review

One of the well-known calisthenics gloves on the market for their patented pad technology. The leather made pads of the bionic FG13ML give you a comfortable grip that allows you to maximize and focus on your workout.

The padding distribution feels natural and helps you to avoid unbalanced pressure.

The wrist straps of the bionic gloves with the high-quality velcro give you the support you need for better control and stability.

Properly fitted, the gloves keep your hands from getting calluses and sore. Just remember, when the ladies want you to touch their pretty soft skin, they don’t want to feel allosaurus claws pawing at their cheeks


  • Available at an affordable price
  • High quality material make the gloves last for long time
  • Offer good breathability and flexibility
  • Improve grip strength
  • The velcro wrist support make them adjustable for your needs


Fit active gloves review

Made with silicon printed neoprene, fit active gloves are the most used gloves by calisthenics practitioners for the comfortability and flexibility provided while doing bodyweight exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, dips etc.

The gloves offer a full protection for your hand and wrist. Plus, the padding don’t get in your way of your grip while exercising – allowing you to focus more on your workout.


  • Protect your hand and wrist
  • The breathability offered makes your hand dry
  • The velcro helps the users to adjust the gloves for their personal comfort
  • The right tickness make them hard to slip out of your grip


Steel sweat gloves review

The padding is necessary especially while doing bodyweight exercises. For that purpose, steel sweat gloves come with thick padding that promote a natural move for you hand and distribute weight efficiently on the palm surface.

The palm is double layered Amara leather offers the best grip and protection you need.

Users of these gloves claim that they provide one of the best wrist straps support on the market which is more than cosmetic unlike some other brands.


  • Not expensive
  • Strong wrist wrap support
  • The pull tabs on fingers and thumbs make the glove easy to remove
  • The gloves are double stitched, so they provide extra resistance and endurance
  • Money back guaranteed by the seller if you are not satisfied with the gloves