best calisthenics shoes

Calisthenics is a great way to workout that will allow you to achieve an amazing physique and a strong body. In order to achieve the shape you dream of, it is important to use proper techniques and body mechanics as well as good-quality equipment that will help you create fluidity, strength, and ease of movement.

The accessories you perform with can make or break your workout altogether. And that’s why it’s essential to choose the right pair of shoes for your bodyweight workout routines.

In this post, I will present to you the most used and best rated shoes by calisthenics trainers and experts plus the top features and criteria to look for when buying a pair of workout shoes.

If you are in a hurry, here is our list of best calisthenics shoes:

Adidas Originals Men’s Adizero Boston 6 M
New Balance Men’s 66v2
Brooks Men’s Revel
New Balance Men’s Kaymin Trail V1

Best Shoes for Calisthenics & Bodyweight Workouts

Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston 6 M Review

best calisthenics shoesDespite the fact that these shoes (and the majority of the shoes listed in this post) are designed basically for running and walking, we must admit that they can be used in other activities such as calisthenics and CrossFit workouts.

What makes these pair of shoes standout to the rest is that they are constructed with high-quality material. The shoes come with a responsive cushioning and continental rubber sole that will give you the comfort and stability needed to withstand long-lasting bodyweight training.

The upper features a stylish mesh forefoot that provides breathability and comfort and helps your feet still dry and cool.

Things we like
Great fit for people with wide feet due to the stretching material made with.
They come with a low-top shaft from the arch
Reasonably Priced
they come in an array of nice colors
Things we don’t like
The tongue has a little tendency to bunch a bit when you tie the shoe


New Balance Men’s 66v2 Review

New Balance Men’s 66v2

New Balance is a well-known brand for its high quality and stylish workout shoes and the 66v2 doesn’t make the exception.

The New Balance 66V2  is perfect for distant running, cross training and bodyweight exercising. This great looking shoe features elasticity and downplays durability. A fusion of textiles and synthetic materials unite together to produce a malleable shoe for unsurpassed flexibility.

Things we like
The shoes feature a closed-cell foam support for hot climate endurance workouts.
They are very sleek and fashionable
The upper is made with mesh plus a soft lining
They are very light so you can barely tell the weight of them on your foot at all
It provides a soft memory foam for your feet
the tread pattern provides a natural and good form and allows them to work as if you’re barefoot
Things we don’t like
the toe box is a little bit large than the average


Brooks Men’s Revel Review

Brooks Men’s Revel

These shoes are designed to give users more comfort during extensive workouts. The upper construction is flat-knit and synthetic and makes the feet to stay cool. The Brooks Revel shoes have a cushioned insole and a medium to high arch that make the overall comfort legendary.

Things we like
The shoes come in different and beautiful color combinations including Navy/Gold/Black color, Toreador/Tawny Port/Black and more
The shoes merge between great styling and the durability that the Brand takes much pride in portraying
Flat-knit materials keep your feet dry and cool
Things we don’t like
They are a little pricey
In case you are walking on wet, icy, or smooth surface, traction may not be great


New Balance Men’s Kaymin Trail v1 Shoes Review


workout shoes


We must admit that the New Balance V1 is one of the best calisthenics shoes for outdoor workouts available on the market.

Designed for rugged terrain, the shoe features a great toe protection thanks to the extension of the outsole up in front and the rubber band placed around the front side for additional toe area protection.

Things we like
Made essentially for the outdoor workout and running
The price is affordable and varies from $44.88 – $153.95
A great choice of heavy people due to the extra cushioning and grippy treads
Made from a Gore-Tex material that helps repel water
It has a good rubber shoe sole that gives the most compliance and traction
Comes in an array of nice colors
Things we don’t like
Because running shoes tend to run small, you must go up a size for a perfect fit.


What to Consider When Buying Calisthenics Shoes

Now that you have looked at our selection of calisthenics shoes that this article has mentioned above, you probably have already thought of the perfect one for you. But, don’t take your final decision until you read our buyer’s guide, because this article isn’t done with you yet.

Before digging into the essential criteria to look for, I must mention that almost all running shoes are equally versatile as calisthenics shoes.

When looking for good calisthenics shoes you need to consider 3 things. The first criteria is the flexibility because you will be doing a variety of exercises and this will require a stable foot environment. Wrong shoes can put pressure on tendons, joints, and muscles causing foot and leg injuries.

Secondo, make sure that the shoes must hold up against your own weight so you don’t lose momentum or grip because as you know calisthenics practitioners use only their own body’s weight for the strength and endurance phase of training.

Finally, the cushion. The weight of a shoe can tell something about the amount of cushion offered, especially if the shoe is a basic mesh upper construction because most of the weigh come from the cushion. The heavier shoes in our list are the Brooks Mens Revel and the New Balance Men’s Kaymin Trail v1 with 10 ounces weight which means great cushion but less flexibility compared to other shoes that are considered as lightweight which is excellent for running and would create ease of movement.

Also cushion and sole are excellent indicators of how a shoe withstands conditions on different terrains and surfaces for any particular customer.

Bottom line here is that each design has its advantages and disadvantages and there no exact science that indicates the best model on the market. So take your time to choose the best one for you cause as you know, the investment in calisthenics shoes are expensive, thus you want to make sure you get the best for your money.