Senior man and woman exercising on treadmills

There are hundreds of great treadmills on the market, but this guide was created to help seniors find the best treadmill for their specific needs. We analyzed dozens of treadmills and selected our top 10 treadmills for seniors based on a range of factors.

When it comes to selecting a treadmill intended for seniors, three of the most important considerations are safety, comfort and stability. Treadmills vary widely in their features, formats and construction. Considering the best treadmill for seniors, who generally favor walking, one of the first factors to consider is the cushioning of the belt. Treadmills with sufficient cushioning will reduce impact pressure that leads to aches and pains and ultimately create a more positive workout experience. Some seniors might be better suited by a treadmill with arm rests that span the full length of the belt.

See below for some of our top treadmill picks for seniors:

Best Treadmills for Seniors 

Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill (SF-T7857)

Sunny Health and Fitness Walking Treadmill (Model SF-T7857)

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The Sunny Health and Fitness walking treadmill has a range of features that are appealing to seniors. The digital readout and controls are not over-complicated. Track distance, speed, time and calories easily with a digital readout on the treadmill dashboard. This treadmill features a safety rail in the front and on both sides that span nearly the entire length of the belt. In addition to the safety bars, this particular model has a low profile deck, which makes getting on and off easier. Another feature that is often overlooked, but very beneficial in the event that you need to move your treadmill – wheels. This treadmill has wheels on the front so all you have to do is tilt it forward from the rear and you can roll it to wherever you need it.

In addition to the features above, the Sunny Health and Fitness walking treadmill provides ample padding with its shock absorption technology, reducing impact on joints. Simple buttons allow for easy speed adjustment from .6 MPH up to 5 MPH. This treadmill supports weights up to 295 lbs.

Things we like
180 Day Warranty on Parts
3 Year Warranty on Structure
Good Assembly Instructions
Extra Long Handrails
Simple Controls
Low Deck Height
Things we don’t like
A Bit Heavy
Some Assembly Required (30 mins to 1 hour)
No Incline Adjustment



Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill (T50)

Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill

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The Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill is a commercially rated treadmill that is a terrific choice for seniors. This treadmill is incredibly solid, supporting users with weights up to 310 lbs. It offers a speed range from .01 MPH to 5 MPH, adjustable in increments as small as .1 MPH, making it an excellent option for anyone who is recovering from an injury or dealing with a disability. Most treadmills do not offer this level of flexibility in terms of speed.

In addition to the dynamic speed range, the Body-Solid endurance Treadmill also features full-length handrails that provide additional safety and security to the user. Bright LED lights and over-sized buttons make operating the T50 Treadmill easier for everyone. Another beneficial feature is the rear-access ramp, which makes getting on and off the treadmill easier.

As with most treadmills, the Body-Solid Endurance Treadmill allows you to track speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories. It has rollers on the motor-end which allow the treadmill to be moved with relative ease, considering it clocks in at 176 pounds. All in all, a very solid treadmill, built to last.

Things we like
Full Length Handrails
Over-sized Buttons
Step-up Ramp
Speed Goes Down To .1 MPH
High Weight Capacity
Things we don’t like
Does Not Fold
No Incline Adjustment
Higher Price Tag



Goplus Electric Recovery Treadmill

Goplus Electric Recovery Treadmill

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The Goplus Electric Recovery Treadmill is a budget priced option that still provides a solid set of features that are ideal for seniors. First of all, it offers extended hand-rails, which we believe is one of the most important features in a treadmill intended for seniors. The display is simple but still tracks speed, time, distance and calories. This model has a 220 LB weight capacity and will operate between .4 MPH and 4 MPH.

Because the Goplus Electric Recovery Treadmill is less robust than some other models, it only weighs 66 LBS. Most people who reviewed this product were happy with it – as long as it arrived in tact. Several reviewers complained that their unit arrived damaged. The price is certainly competitive, so if you are in the market for a budget option, just be sure to inspect the product on arrival so that any issues can be promptly resolved.

Things we like
Very Affordable
Minimum Speed of .4 MPH
Lightweight Compared to Other Models
Extended Hand Rails
Things we don’t like
Less Durable Than Other Models
Assembly Instructions Could Be Better
Some Units Arrived Damaged



Exerpeutic Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill (TF2000)

Exerpeutic Recovery Fitness Walking Treadmill

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The Exerpeutic TF2000 Treadmill is a very solid treadmill with a 300 LB weight capacity that offers a speed range between .2 MPH and 5 MPH. Like all the treadmills we compare with seniors in mind, it offers extended length handrails – but these are on another level. As you can see just by looking at it, the safety and stability offered by the Exerpeutic TF2000 Treadmill is at the top of its class.

The belt is supported by 10 shock absorbing deck cushions to minimize joint impact and create a truly comfortable walking experience. The dash board on this treadmill is large, with a clearly visible readout and extra trays for holding drinks or other items. The deck height is 5 inches, making it one of the easier treadmills to get on.

Among reviewers, the Exerpeutic TF2000 is highly rated. It’s very well made, weighing in at just over 135 LBS. The machine is incredibly quiet – perhaps one of the quietest models available. Another unique feature this treadmill offers is dash lines on the belt, which give the user an idea of their step length and help them to stay centered on the belt.

Overall, the Exerpeutic TF2000 is a perfect treadmill for seniors and those in recovery/rehabilitation or with disabilities. It provides a ton of safety and comfort with a nice user-friendly dashboard and additional bells and whistles.

Things we like
Very Quiet
Well Built
Adjustable Full-length Handrails
Low Deck Height
Extra Plush Belt Padding
Over-sized Dashboard With Storage
Things we don’t like



What to Look for When Buying a Treadmill for Seniors

There are a range of factors you should include when considering a treadmill for seniors. These include:

Extended Length Handrails

For most seniors, extended length handrails are critically important when considering a treadmill. Extended length rails provide extra support and stability for seniors while using the treadmill. They minimize the risk of falling and promote a safer workout.

Low Deck Height

The ease of getting both on and off the treadmill is a major consideration for many seniors. The height of the deck from the floor should absolutely be considered, along with any additional features that might make things easier, such as a deck ramp.

Ease of Use

Another key consideration is that the treadmill controls should be easily visible and user-friendly. A simplified dashboard is preferred, allowing users to get right into their workout without having to worry about advanced program features.

Motor Strength

For treadmill users on the heavier side, a more robust motor is critical. An under-powered treadmill will have issues with both performance and long-term reliability. It’s important to buy a model that compliments the needs of the intended user(s).

Belt Padding

Since walking puts pressure on the joints – it is important to minimize joint impact by considering a treadmill that provides ample padding under the belt. The additional padding will make the workout easier on the body and more enjoyable.

Minimum Speed

As a senior, the maximum speed of a treadmill isn’t usually a limiting factor – it’s the minimum speed. Some treadmills simply don’t go slow enough. Consider the minimum speed when shopping for a senior friendly treadmill.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of factors to consider when purchasing a treadmill intended for older users. Using the guide outlined above, you should have a better idea of the options that are available, to make an informed purchase decision that meets the specific needs of the user. As more senior friendly treadmills become available, we will continue to update this page with models that we find to be suitable.