best hand grippers

If you love exercising, be it lifting weights, rock climbing, or other activities such as playing the guitar, you will need strong hands. You can achieve this by getting yourself some hand grippers from the market.

Despite their small size, hand grippers are quite an efficient equipment when it comes to forearm exercises. As a matter of fact, most trainers include hand grippers in their client’s exercises. If you are looking to make your grip stronger, you should consider getting yourself the strengtheners.

Before visiting the market, however, you should know that the market contains many brands with each having different features and designs. Consequently, you have to know what to look out for when shopping for hand grippers. Lucky for you, we have reviewed five of the best hand grippers in the market and highlighted the features that you need to look out for when purchasing hand grippers.

Hand grippers benefits

• They are affordable
• They help to improve your dexterity
• hand exercisers help to increase hand strength
• Hand grippers help to build hand endurance
• They enhance forearm muscularity
• Their small size makes them ideal to use anywhere and anytime

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Review of the best hand grip strengtheners in 2018

Kootek 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener Review

Anyone that is passionate about exercising is well aware that forearm strength is crucial. This strength can be enhanced using the best hand grippers such as the Kootek Pack Hand Grip Strengthener. This hand exerciser can be used by athletes, rock climbers, musicians, tennis players, and golf players to improve the strength and power of their forearms and fingers.

Besides sportsmen, individuals that suffer from arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and tennis elbow can also use this handgrip strengthener for rehabilitation. It works efficiently. What’s more, seniors, men, women, and teenagers can use it.

With an ergonomic design, the Kootek 2 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener is constructed with durable material. It also features non-slip rubber handles that enhance comfortable exercising. Moreover, this hand gripper includes an adjustable dial, which you can adjust from 22 to 88 pounds.

• Available at an affordable price.
• Ergonomically designed with non-slip rubber handles
• It is ideal for use in rehabilitation for ailments such as arthritis
• You can adjust it to suit your needs
• Easy to use

• They are quite small for an average hand
• The springs start to weaken after some time of usage


Captains of Crush Hand Gripper Review

If you are all about keeping fit, the Captains of Crush Hand Gripper is the ideal grip exercise equipment for you. This hand grip not only features a beautiful design, but it is also very durable. It is constructed from alloy steel and billet aluminum.

This equipment is a fixed-resistance grip strengthener that can offer you resistance levels that range from 60 pounds to 365 pounds. It has 11 distinct strengths and is suitable for everyone including patients that have blood pressure.

• it Has a beautiful design
• the grip is constructed with good quality material
• It has a wide range of resistance to provide the strength you need.

• The grip texture is quite rough
• It isn’t adjustable
• This grip strengthener wears out quite fast


GD Iron Grip EXT Adjustable Hand Exerciser Review

If you play guitar in a band, then you are well aware of the hours you spend playing, especially at concerts. In order to play efficiently, you need to have strong fingers. You can enhance your arms and fingers strength by exercising with the GD Iron Grip EXT Adjustable Hand Gripper.

The EXT 80 has a wide, adjustable resistant that ranges from 55 to 176 pounds. It is the true definition of artistic and robust. Excellent craftsmanship has been put into its design to give it an ergonomic and sturdy construct. It is made entirely with metal parts.

You can rely on this hand gripper to enhance your routine workouts. Notwithstanding, it comes with accessories that allow you to extend the length of its handles. The GD Iron Grip can be classified as the gold standard of a handgrip strengthener.

• Have excellent quality
• It comes with handle extensions
• Has an ergonomic design
• Does not squeak when being used

• May prove a little tough for a beginner
• Relatively pricey
• No matter the strength you put in, the handles do not touch


Epitomie Finger Master Exerciser Review

This is one of the best hand exercisers that is meant for individuals that want to improve their finger strength. The Epitomie Fitness Finger Master is quite versatile – you can adjust its 5 pistons independently to suit your exercise needs. Its small size makes it quite portable, you can fit it into your pocket and exercise with it from any location.

The Epitomie Fitness Finger Master is the ideal equipment to improve dexterity. It is designed to be used by people of all levels from pro athletes to patients. This hand grip strengthener is very affordable and it comes in different colors. Moreover, it can be used to maintain fingers flexibility.

• Affordable
• Quite versatile and can be used by just about anybody
• An ideal equipment that can help to enhance your fingers flexibility
• Helps to improve dexterity

• The pistons require a lubricant to move smoothly
• It will most likely spoil after some months of usage
• The pistons are positioned very straight, which is not the ideal way to flex fingers.


Sidewinder ProXtreme Review

One of the best hand grippers on the market today is the Sidewinder ProXtreme. This equipment is not only the most powerful but also the longest and thickest model of the Sidewinders. It is an adjustable hand gripper that is ideal for use by both beginners and strong individuals. The strong grip that it provides you allows you to engage more of your muscles, providing you with adequate strength and prevents injuries.

Its long size ensures that you have ample exercise positions to build your arm’s strength. This hand gripper is designed to be durable because it is constructed with neoprene handles, solid steel, and solid tubing. It is an ideal equipment for building stronger shoulders, forearms, wrists, grip, biceps, and triceps. Interestingly, when you adjust it to exercise, resistance remains the same until it is readjusted.

• It has excellent quality construction and it’s very durable.
• It is adjustable to provide the best exercise – adjustment is quite versatile
• Ideal for developing the wrist, forearm, shoulders, and other arm muscles

• It’s quite pricey
• Requires a lot of twists (above 40) to reach its most difficult level
• The black surface may leave markings on your hand when you exercise.


How to Choose the Best Hand Gripper?

If you have been using hand grippers or you are a novice, there are some things you have to consider when choosing one. These include:
• Is it adjustable or fixed: These are the two types of hand grippers. You should choose one according to the resistance level you desire. An adjustable hand gripper will allow you to adjust your grip strengthener to suit your needs.

• The resistance level: Different grip strengtheners have different levels of resistance. Before purchasing one, ensure to confirm the range. A beginner may need minimum resistance levels but a bodybuilder should go for one with high resistance.

• Is it for the entire hand or just the fingers: If you play the guitar or piano, a finger grip strengthener is ideal for you because it enhances your fingers’ strength. However, a heavyweight lifter may need a grip strengthener that strengthens the entire hand or forearm.

• Your budget: Most grip strengtheners are available at an affordable price. Some, however, are a bit pricey. As such, it is imperative to set budget limits when you venture into the market.

How to Use a Hand Strengthener?

I. Put one handle of the grip strengthener against your palm. Wrap your fingers around the second handle then begin to squeeze them. Hold the grip in position for a few seconds, then release. Do a couple of sets (10 for beginners) for each hand.

II. Alternatively, pull the grips with two hands and then put one hand away. Using the second, slowly release the grips.

III. As for the fingers grip strengtheners, put the grip on your palm and place your fingers on the tip of the pistons. Gradually, press the pistons and then release.