deadlift gloves

Deadlifts are one of the well-known weightlifting exercises that any fitness enthusiast do. While deadlifting, you will be able to engage several muscle groups, including your back, hamstrings, quadriceps, and glutes.

Sadly, many people find themselves doing fewer reps than what they can actually do because their hands hurt so much.

So, they give out before their muscles do – and it’s frustrating!

And here is where deadlifting gloves came into action.

Deadlift gloves allow you to focus more on your movements and help you get the most out of your deadlift session by keeping your hands from getting painful calluses and blisters.

Not only that! weightlifting gloves can help you redistribute weight efficiently on your palm, improve your grip, provide you with wrist support and keep your hands dry.

In this post, I decided to highlight the best deadlift gloves available on the market that will solve your problems based on several experts and users recommendations.

what to look for when buying gloves for deadlifting?


The gloves should be made of durable materials for better cushion and thickness so they don’t get torn or ripped while lifting heavy weights.

What all experts recommend, is looking for workout gloves made of leather or neoprene.

Comfort and Wrist Support 

If you are looking for a good deadlifting experience, then you must choose the right size that will fit your hands for better comfort.

You must also look for gloves with adjustable wrist straps support.

Gloves that have a built‐in arch support can help prevent carpal tunnel and other injuries.

The wrist straps must offer a wide range of adjustability so it can fit small wrists as well as the biggest one.


A pair of flexible gloves makes your hands feel free and your fit seems snug, soft, and pliable.

the most flexible gloves are the one made by nylon. Furthermore, they are not the best in term of durability and are more easy to damage.

Best Deadlifting Gloves Reviews

1. Versa Gripps Pro Review

versa gripps deadlift

Training with Versa Grips Pro makes your workout more comfortable. They have the design that lets a person train with weightlifting easily whether they are pros or nonprofessionals. They offer a strong grip, yet allow you to let go of the bars easily.

Versa Grips Pro has a grasp that wears longer that allows you a superb wrist support for heavyweight exercise routines. Moreover, the grip length is adjustable.
The grips have a non-slip surface that is custom engineered. The gloves have a built-in arch support-protection shielding wrist from carpal tunnel, they assist weightlifting without hindering the process.

The Grips are designed to prevent the spread of viruses. They come with an anti-bacterial technology and are easy to wear. Practically anyone lifting heavyweights can use these hypoallergenic gloves.

These deadlifting gloves are excellent in terms of hand protection from nerve damage. Hands can go numb and can feel painfully when circulation is a problem, for this reason, Versa grips promote circulation in the hands.

Things we like
They offer a skillful sweat insulation.
Ergonomically designed
It is the choice of major athletic competitors
The right thickness makes them hard to slip out of your grip


Things we don’t like
the gloves are a little bit pricey



2. Cobra Grips Pro Review

cobra grips deadlift

No matter exercise are you doing, it is important to stay safe. Cobra Grips Pro gives the support necessary to keep hands in place when weightlifting and prevent slipping.
Gloves are thick and produce a grip pad that holds tight. The surface of the glove does not restrict the workout. The advanced technology built into Cobra Grips makes it an asset when used for deadlifts.

They are adjustable and features wrist straps that cater to the user. The gloves come up with a patented technology. Therefore, the style and feel are not common to every workout glove.
The anti-slip material that makes up this glove keeps hands dry and assures tight grip. No amount of strength can keep clammy palms from slipping off a bar.

Unlike the conventional straps that put the pressure on your wrist, Cobra grips put the pressure on your hands to prevent carpal tunnel issues and vestibular damage.

Things we like
Constructed with good material (Neoprene)
They feature an adjustable wrist support
they offer an ergonomically engineered and streamlined no-slip design
Available at an affordable price


Things we don’t like
the leather version does not stick enough, way less than rubber version



3. Bear KompleX 3 Review

Bear KompleX 3 deadlift

The Bear KompleX 3 Grips absorbs weight pressure on hands with a cushy padding. The gloves are very comfortable and hold their fit.

Adjustable wrist straps help manage support during weightlifting. Strips come with various sizes that you can loosen or tighten as you need. The support gloves have gel pads that ease the pressure. When working out the concentration is on the lift. Good gloves prevent walking away with painful calluses and blisters.

Bear KompleX3 prevents slipping from sweaty hands while increasing grip control and improves sweat absorption. If you are interested in air circulation feature than these gloves might be a good choice.

Things we like
Made of leather which is a durable and high-quality material
offer an adjustable wrist wrap support and firm grip
they are NOT expensive


Things we don’t like
Don’t have the right texture for ring workouts (based on customer’s opinion)



4. Jerkfit Grip Review 

jerkfit grips deadlift

The strain on the hand might prevent daily workouts or at least make it uncomfortable. Jet Grips reduce hand pain and add support for wrist while lifting weights. In the beginning stages of weightlifting, it is extremely important to wear proper support attire.

The gloves work with calisthenics, cross training, and other fitness activities. Wear this hand attire and let the gloves absorb the friction. The shock of a bar can become very uncomfortable over time without them.

Get complete palm protection when lifting barbells and pull up bars. If lifts are done in poor positioning, an injury is possible. Therefore, show care when weightlifting.

These deadlifting gloves are flexible whether lifting weights or pulling on ropes. Never worry about bunching or pinching with these gloves. Get an advantage with your next workout by wearing gloves that improve the lift and provide a smooth spread of weight.

Holding the hands tightly is simply not enough to maintain a grip on a bar. The function of sweat glands can make gloves wet and they will hold bacteria. However, these gloves breathe while holding the bar. Muscle strain and nerve endings need help with flexible distribution, and this glove does the job.

Things we like
Keeps your hand dry with air circulation pads.
After using them, you will be able to place the gloves in washer and dryer
Jerkfit Grips are tough and difficult to wear out.
helps you to minimize or eliminate ripping
Cheapest gloves in this selection


Things we don’t like