Cobra Grips vs Versa Gripps

Maybe you hate using grips or gloves when lifting weights, but when you suffer from painful calluses and blisters, you don’t have any choice. So, in order to protect your hands and get the most out of your workout session, you need to start wearing a pair of gloves.

When searching for high-quality gloves, you will find that Versa Gripps and cobra grips are considered as the best sellers available on the market, and landing on this post means you get confused on which one to buy.

The 2 well-known contenders are both great products making it hard to find the right one for yourself. Below, this article will go in depth with each product, show you the similarities and differences between them and trainers verdict to help you find the perfect product that will fit your exact needs.

Versa Gripps Review

versa gripps deadliftDurable and double reinforced for individual workouts, Versa Grips feature a wide wrist strap for wrist support. The arch support is firm and stiff and can protect your hand from carpal tunnel and nerve damage.

These grips can be used for pull-ups, bent rows, heavy deadlifts, dumbbell squats, shoulder-shrugs and more…

Yes, they are more expensive than regular grips, but the customers claim that they worth it and didn’t regret paying the extra money to get them.

Read more about the grips in our complete review in this post.

Things we like
They prevent forearm fatigue and helps you isolate your movements
Made to be Hypoallergenic and Antimicrobial to protect your hands from viruses
and bacteria
Promote Healthy Circulation to Hands and Wrists
Absorb the sweet and make your hands dry
Constructed with high-quality material
Come in an array of colors
Things we don’t like
They are a bit pricey


Cobra Grips Review

cobra grips deadliftThe reason I bought these grips was to do one thing and that was to deadlift with, so I can grab the bar faster because I found that the straps slow me down.

The first thing we need to talk about when it comes to these gloves is the design and the build itself. The design is slightly different than you might be accustomed to with the traditional lifting straps, which are typically one straight piece of fabric with a little loop on the one side that you would just feed through itself.

They are constructed from one straight piece of two materials, the neoprene section and the wrist support section that has a Velcro wrap around it in order to secure your wrist.

So the design itself is really cool and quite different than the lifting straps and contain a lot of nice little details that are found in each one of these Cobra grips

For example, at the end here where folds over, there’s an extra little bit of padding and that helps you grip on the bar and ensures that the rubber itself doesn’t slip on top of that.

cobra grips padding

You also have double stitching everywhere the stitching runs.

cobra grips stitching

In addition, in the wrist section, you’ve got your foam padding around your wrist which is nice and thick, plus a high-quality Velcro which is about two inches.

Things we like
Cobra Grips are really easy to put on, very well-made and sturdy.
They give you the assistance you need while pulling heavyweights.
The grips feature a cushion that wraps around your hand and a grip on where you touch your palm
Reasonable price
Things we don’t like
There is only one size made for these gloves


Versa Gripps or Cobra Grips

Both of these products are good, they are supposed to provide support and protection for pushing and pulling exercises. They support the wrist and palm while performing chin-ups, deadlifts, or any pulling exercise.

I believe the Versa Grips are the clear winner that can improve weightlifters performances. It provides the needed protection and support for hands and wrists. Many people have admitted seeing amazing results and improvements in deadlifting. It helps your wrist to stay in place and maximize workouts making it the best product so far. But you need to pay extra money to get them.

On the other hand, Cobra Grips still a good choice too. The padding and stitching are great but not as good as Versa Gripps. They might also give you a little more versatility while the Versa gloves are going to last a lot longer for your needs, and this can explain the difference in price.

You can learn more about the difference between the Versa Grips and Cobra grips from the video below:

Bottom line

Getting a pair of gloves is a good investment, thus, no matter which one you might want to get you just have to read the reviews of users on each pair before you buy either one. Also, you need to make sure that they are going to fit your needs so that you won’t regret getting a pair that wasn’t exactly perfect for your workout routines.